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    ·         Weeds are unwanted and undesirable plants which interfere with the utilization of land and water resources and

              thus  it   adversely affects the human welfare.

·         It also referred to as plants out of place.

·         A weed is plant growing where and when it is not desired

·         A plant that is extremely noxious, useless, unwanted or poisonous


·         There are over 30,000 species of weed around the world

·          Of which about 18,000 cause serious losses to crop

·           The extent  losses due to weeds depends on

1.      Intensity of infection

2. Time of occurrence

·          3.Type of weeds

 Weeds induce the fire accidence in electricity department


 Loss of quality of agricultural products


 Cause health problems to human beings. Eg. Parthenium hysterorus


 Reduce the land value


 Some weeds are poisonous to livestock


 Weeds( thorny) reduces the efficiency of human beings and affect

    movement of workers.


Method of Weed Control


Weed control methods are broadly grouped into


  Mechanical method


  Cultural methods


  Biological method


  Chemical method





 A herbicide is a chemical used to kills some target plants, especially the weeds.

 Chemical weed control

The chemical weed control includes the use of herbicides for controlling weeds.

Advantages of chemical weed control

Herbicides can control weeds even before they emerge form the soil

Large area can be covered in a short time

Use of herbicides is possible in areas - labour is scarce/costly

Root system is not damaged as in the case of mechanical weed control

But herbicides action the entire plant system in controlling the weeds.

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