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When it comes to spider infestation, an expert will identify the types of Spider, Whatever the variety, a lot of people are very concerned about spiders in the house & factories. Cobwebs are also unsightly. In Food Handling Establishment its a serious thread for contaminaton.

Spiders are prevalent at wall / ceiling and wall / floor junctions. Certain species of spiders are highly venomous and may even produce a lethal bite.  All spiders produce venom that is poisonous to their normal prey of insects, mites and other small arthropods. Venom is injected through the hollow fangs to immobilize the prey. They build webs, which are unsightly and gather dust. These can contaminate product

Solving The Problem
Our Pest Control Expert technician will identify the type of spider and recommend suitable treatment.
•Insecticide Spray to roof void and subfloor area (Before treatment Sensitive machinery / Things if any to be covered with a plastic cover so as to protect them from any corrosion / Contamination.
•Internal crack and crevice spray to wet areas (ie. Kitchen and bathrooms).
•Internal skirting spray.
•External spray to house walls, window frames, External extended roofs.

Stored Product Insects

Keeping food products safe is important in both domestic and commercial kitchens.
The problem is, grains particularly can become infested at every step of the processing cycle. Through silo storage, at mills, during processing, packaging, at bakeries, shops, restaurants and at home.
The main culprits are beetles, moths and their larvae. The list of insects that can be found in our food includes the drugstore beetle, cigarette beetle, lesser grain borer, rice weevil, granary weevil, hide beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, yellow mealworm, angoumois grain moth, Mediterranean flour moth and Indian meal moth.

Identifying the problem
If you are concerned that food in your home, restaurant or plant might be infested, contact an expert for a full evaluation. Our Pest Control Expert technician  will identify any infestation, safely and effectively clear the infected area and advise you on how to minimise problems in the future.

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