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There are thousands of different ant species in India, yet only a few are considered a pest.

The Problem
In Indian conditions the following ants are major threat.

  • Little Black Ant,
  •  Pharaoh Ant,
  •  Ghost Ant,
  •  Crazy Ant,
  •   Carpenter Ant.

Ants can be a nuisance inside the house, foraging for food and invading bathrooms and kitchens. They can also undermine pavers and the roots of plants.

All ants can bite, and allergic reactions have caused deaths.                                                                                             

Solving The Problem

  Our Pest Control Expert technician will identify the type of ant and recommend suitable ant control and treatment.
  •   Spray on trails with recommended preparation Spot treat.
  •    entry & exit holes with recommended preparation using a syringe with needle
  •    Internal cracks and crevices spray to wet areas (ie. Kitchen and bathrooms).
  •    Internal skirting spray.
  •    External spray to house walls, window frames, Periphery of the building upto 1 metre band.
  •     Seal entry/exit holes with cement or suitable sealant

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