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Herbicide s can be readily used after the event of heavy rainfall to control weeds

Classification of Herbicides

Our products are locally backed by highly qualified staff. We can offer a selective or non selective herbicide spraying program to cater for all your needs no matter the size.

Selective Herbicides can be used in situations where the weeds and desirable plants are in close proximity to each other. These Herbicides will kill the weeds and not harm the desirable plants.

Non Selective Herbicides will kill whatever plant they contact and so should be used very carefully around desirable plants.
Pre-emergent Herbicides control the weeds before the seeds emerge from the soil. They are a very useful tool in managing both annual and perennial weeds.

Post Emergent Herbicides are applied to weeds after they emerge. Weed control is generally more rapid and the final results better when these types of herbicides are applied to younger or smaller weeds.

Our Pest Control Expert technician will identify the type of Weed, and recommend suitable treatment.


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