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In recent times, it has been identified that there is a growing population of cockroaches increasing trend in homes and commercial premises inIndia

The Problem
It is unlikely you will see cockroaches during the day unless there is a particularly significant infestation. They prefer dark corners, under cupboards, whitegoods or in food areas. These insects prefer to get about at night, where they feed on foodstuffs, contaminating food, the surfaces they scurry over and plates and utensils. The main way they contaminate areas is by their droppings, spreading bacteria that cause diseases like salmonella poisoning, passing on diarrhoea and dysentery.

Signs of infestation are usually by droppings, or noticing dead cockroaches in the house. Any sign of these insects demands immediate action, and if found in significant numbers, expert advice should be sought.
Solving The Problem
In this situations, Our Pest Control Expert technician can identify areas of contamination, and advise suitable, safe eradication techniques. In commercial areas, professional advice is needed on a regular basis to maintain safety standards that conform to health regulations.
The professional inspections carried out by the licensed Pest Control Experts conform to the latest pest management systems available in India. In Generally the following type of spider commonly found.
•    Long Bodied Cellar Spiders
•    Common House Spiders.

Spider Control
When it comes to spider infestation, an expert will identify the types of Spider, Whatever the variety, a lot of people are very concerned about spiders in the house & factories. Cobwebs are also unsightly. In Food Handling Establishment its a serious thread for contaminaton.

Spiders are prevalent at wall / ceiling and wall / floor junctions. Certain species of spiders are highly venomous and may even produce a lethal bite.  All spiders produce venom that is poisonous to their normal prey of insects, mites and other small arthropods. Venom is injected through the hollow fangs to immobilize the prey. They build webs, which are unsightly and gather dust. These can contaminate product


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