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The real problem with rats is that they contaminate more food than they eat. Many diseases can be transmitted by these pests, and their gnawing of cables and wires can cause electrical fires.

There are a number of species of these rodents in the major population centres in India. During winter, most rodents move indoors for both shelter and food. In commercial premises, these can be year round problems. In rural areas, rats can attain plague proportions given certain climatic conditions.

The Problem
Nests are often found close to where they scavenge for food and water. The female will give birth to 4-6 litters a year, which will contain 5-10 young. These young can reproduce three months after birth, so it is calculated, that within one year, a single pair of rodents can be responsible for as many 400-700 pests.

Rodent activity is usually at night, so it is important to identify if these pests from signs they leave. An expert Pest Control Technician will professionally identify the specific rodent and likely nest location. It is important to get expert advice for effective eradication, The rats  have highly developed sense of smell, and can often identify chemicals in food, warning them off domestic baits.

Solving the Problem
Our Pest Control Expert technician will identify the type of rodent, and recommend suitable treatment.

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